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Velvet Sleeping Mask With Saffron Flowers 50ml


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The soothing and restorative Velvet Sleeping Mask with Saffron flowers helps dry skin replenish its comfort overnight.
– Supports skin’s nocturnal natural activity.
At night, protected from damage, the skin devotes itself to restoring. This soothing mask supports dry skin in its nocturnal restoration due to the most effective ingredients (Thyme Honey, Shea butter). Upon awaking, the skin has “recovered” and appears revitalized, as well as looks and feels softer and more radiant.
– Intensely nourishes and moisturizes
A result of a cocktail of powerful plant-based key ingredients (Macadamia and Cottonseed oils, Kokum butter, Japanese Lilyturf and Padina pavonica extracts).
– Comforts and soothes dry skin.
It provides immediate well-being with its comforting texture and honey and orange blossom scent of natural origin that envelop the skin in a bubble of softness.
Saffron flower extract soothes dry skin to help it regains comfort and suppleness upon awaking.
This mask can also be used as an SOS Mask to provide relief and comfort in just 10 minutes.