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Supremya at Night


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Suprem?a at Night is the supreme nighttime anti-aging product that work with the skin’s natural aging process in order to give it a visibly more youthful appearance. Sisley’s Phyto-Complex LC12 is at the heart of this formula. It is a powerful combination of plant-based key ingredients that has stemmed from Sisley’s research on skin. Comfortable like a cream and powerful like a serum, Suprem?a has been designed to be used at night and massaged in, allowing the skin to gradually absorb the key ingredients overnight while sleeping. Its surprising texture is soft and energizing. Within a few weeks’ use, this product has impressive, visible, rejuvenating effects on the skin. Non-comedogenic.

The complexion appears firmer, smoother, more radiant, and skin is revitalized. Night after night, Suprem?a helps the skin to “age more youthfully.

Each night, apply Suprem?a to clean dry skin on the face, neck, and d?coll?t?, using a gentle massaging motion until it has been fully absorbed.